• Brilliant for coaching and all you need is an iPhone

    Peter Di Venuto
    Coach, Carlton Cricket Club
  • SIX uses language that is inclusive and meaningful for everyone and is a great resource for any young cricketer, girl or boy

    The Right Honorable Baroness Amos
    The British High Commissioner Canberra
  • SIX is a valuable resource for the junior cricketer, parent, teacher and cricket coach

    James Sutherland
    Chief Executive Officer Cricket Australia
  • If I had this information when I was younger, I may have become a serious batter! The framed sequences of shots makes this a must for any aspiring Twenty20 player

    Merv Hughes
    Australian Selector
  • This book is perfect for the new generation batter. Simple to understand, clear instructions and some great coaching tips. Enjoy hitting lots of 6's!

    Cameron White
    Australian Twenty20 Player
  • This book brings batting into the 21st century. Follow the guidelines and you will be on the right track to making some big scores

    Simon Helmot
    CLT20 Bushranger Coach
  • We are now in an exciting phase of cricket that demands so much more versatility and players of today and tomorrow will need to be able to have more scoring options and more ability to hit the ball at different speeds and different positions on the field.  SIX-New Generation Batting is a terrific resource for all aspiring cricketers

    Brain McFadyen
    Australian U19 Team Coach
  • SIX is a valuable resource for every parent who helps out with the coaching of junior cricket teams

    John Douglas
    President Carlton Cricket Club
  • This publication is a wonderfully simple study aimed at providing practical advice on how to understand and improve batting skills. It is easy to follow, giving both coach and student critical information to allow the development of the fundamentals of batting technique, so essential if a full enjoyment to participation in cricket is to be gained

    Roderick D Fraser
    Principal, Ivanhoe Grammar School
  • SIX is an incredibly user friendly book.  I love the visual representations from both a teaching and learning perspective.  They provide at a glance both an overview and specific details about each shot.  The dashboard and accompanying photos are excellent learning tools for teachers and children not interested in wordy descriptions.  For those who respond better to the written word the guidelines work very well

    Louise Devine
    Primary Physical Education Teacher
    Trinity Grammar
  • SIX has wide appeal. It is content rich for those in need of information and brightly and systematically coloured for younger readers

    Tony Dodemaide
    CEO Cricket Victoria
  • This innovative book has been designed with the visual learner in mind. The step by step images are complemented by clear and concise directions that serve to demystify the language of cricket. This book will no doubt prove to be an invaluable reference for cricket enthusiasts of all ages

    Lynne Matheson
    Parent of Cricketer and Educator
  • It's great to have an easy to follow coaching resource that includes lots of the classical and contemporary shots that young (and not so young) cricketers love to try

    Ron Steiner
    Parent & Coach of Boroondara Cobras U/16Bs
  • Working with thousands of business teams around the world we know that continuous improvement and success require first class resources to build skills and confidence. At last, I have a world class resource in SIX that will help my kids get more runs on the board! I only wish Mark & Neil had written it 30 years ago when I attempted to get bat on ball!!

    Bill Lang
    Author - Scores on the Board - The 5 Part System for Building Skills, Teams and Businesses
  • Congratulations on the new book - it looks great and very well thought out in terms of presentation and style

    Wayne Trewella
    IT Manager, Champion Data
  • It is a very comprehensive guide to all the shots presented in a consistent and understandable manner and at a most reasonable price. I’m sure that it would be very useful for all the players and coaches in our men’s, women’s and junior teams

    Robin Court
    Director of Coaching, Bayswater Park Cricket Club
  • This really is the 'must have book' for any young cricketer

    David Love
    President, Plenty Cricket Club