Anti-Glare Screen Protector Package

2.00 Grams
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iPhone 4 and iPhone 3 Anti-Glare Screen Protector package to improve screen visibility outdoors

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Cricket4Evry1 has put together an incredible anti-glare iPhone screen protector package (2 screen protectors) at the great price of $5 including shipping in Australia. 

The anti-glare screen protector is effective at resisting glare, reducing UV rays and protecting eyes from strong reflections.

The package contents are:

  Two(2) high quality anti-glare iPhone screen protectors
Cleaning cloth
Screen protector applicator
Application instructions


Top quality PET material

This anti-glare ultra-clear screen protector is made of original Japanese Optical PET, is 0.24mm thick and allows 95% light transmission.

Reduces reflection

Adopting advanced technology, the original Japanese Optical PET material is treated with a layer of mat coating that can reduce more than 90% of ultraviolet rays and increase the contrast of the colour in screen.

Precise die-cut

A precision diecut model is used for cutting. Measurement is accurate up to 0.001mm so that the full screen is protected from scratches.


With the 0.24mm thick silicon base, this anti-glare screen protector has excellent stiffness (up to 4H). This provides enduring scratch resistance giving your screen protector a longer life. 

screen-image-1.jpg  screen-image-2.jpg