Interchange Manager

1.00 Grams


Interchange Manager (for iPhone and iPad)

Records the actual game time of each player in your team.

Fantastic tool for coaches to show parents each team member’s participation time.

Great for parents to highlight their child's lack of game participation time if necessary.

Provides a permanent record of participation in games by students and club players.

Manages players, teams and games.

Great for all games where a player interchange rule applies.

Imports player lists in csv file format for team creation.

Graphic interface is simple for teachers, coaches, parents, team managers and off field players to use.

A tap is all it takes to move players on and off the field / court.

Individual player clocks show current and total game time.

Control panel includes a game clock, number of players currently on the field / court and Start, Stop and Game Over buttons.

Tracks the game time of individual players or the entire team.

Generates game time summaries with interval and total game time for each player.

Game time summaries are available on screen and in csv file format.