Netball Coach Plus

1.00 Grams


Netball Coach Plus (for iPhone and iPod)
Netball Coach Plus HD (for iPad 2)


WATCH | LEARN | RECORD | IMPROVE your Netball skills with Sharelle McMahon and Bianca Chatfield

Netball Coach Plus is an easy to use, great video coaching tool designed for beginner through to elite netballers. Watch the experts, then record attacking, defending, positioning, timing, catching, passing and shooting skills and training drills. Replay and compare them in real time, slow motion and frame by frame.

WATCH Sharelle and Bianca as they demonstrate all the netball basics

LEARN from them as you watch, listen and practise the skill

RECORD passing, catching, shooting and defending skills and drills

IMPROVE performance by replaying your videos in real time, slow motion and frame by frame to compare, analyse and adjust technique 

Use single, dual and overlay video display options and vary replay speed for best results. 

Use the Learn module to view the full video of selected netball skills and a break down of that skill into its essential elements. In Learn mode, each individual element is captured and displayed as an image with a written description and audio explanation.

Create new real time video presentations using any video(s) you have on screen and overlaying it/them with your own annotations and text and your own voice track.

Store your videos as Favourites or in other folders you create.

Extensive Help/FAQ pdfs explain all the recording and video display options and ways to optimize use of the app.

Use the app’s integrated file sharing capability to manage large numbers of video clips by shifting them to and from a computer and your mobile device. 


  • 22 reference videos of Sharelle and Bianca for comparison
  • finger tip video display control including zoom, pinch, double tap, swipe and drag
  • selectable video recording quality including HD
  • up to 8 X real time digital video zoom while recording from camera
  • import videos from the camera roll and Dropbox
  • rename, trim, split, email and delete your videos
  • create video folders for easy storage and access
  • copy videos to camera roll or upload to Dropbox, YouTube and Facebook
  • option to produce low resolution videos when emailing or uploading
  • display two videos side by side or overlaid for comparison
  • set video synchronization points to assist comparison
  • generate a readily emailable screen capture or real time presentation of single or dual screen video displays
  • mark up videos and presentations using text, drawing and measuring tools and an audio track
  • personalise watermarks on your screen recorded videos
  • adjust multiple settings
  • full support of screens in landscape and portrait mode
  • FAQs and usage information including netball coaching tips
  • iTunes file sharing for copying videos in and out of the app.

Netball Coach Plus is easy to use and designed for the coach, teacher, parent and player to assist in technique development.

What new in version 4.0

Features Sharelle McMahon and Bianca Chatfield Huge number of new features including the Learn Mode, new annotations, new screen recordings and still image capture.