SIX on the iPad

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available-from-itunes.jpgThis Apple iPad application converts the mystique of batting into an easily understandable science of batting and is a great resource for the player, coach, parent and teacher. The coaching guidelines found in every shot explain the key technical aspects that you need to master to successfully play the shot.

SIX is the first Cricket coaching application to capture the unique shots used in Twenty20 and provides a ground breaking analysis for each of the 38 key shots. The visual presentation style is so easy to follow with each shot presentation including an innovative dashboard, photo sequence, video clip, step by step coaching instructions and training tips.

With so many new shots becoming commonplace in the Twenty20 game we have grouped the shots into four theme-based categories. The categories are Power (blue), Clever (orange), Tricky (purple) and Classic (pink). The categories are color coded throughout the application for easy access and each theme has a photo index to help you find the shot you are looking for.

A full index by photo and name of all shots is found at the beginning of the application. Touching an index entry takes you to the application module for that shot.

Users can quickly locate a category in the application through the menu bar at the bottom of each screen

This application has been developed for young cricketers. It effortlessly generates a level of understanding that connects every reader to the game of cricket.

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