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Swim Coach Plus (for iPhone and iPod)
Swim Coach Plus HD (for iPad 2)



Record | Compare | Improve  

Technique is the key to swimming success and enjoyment. Swim Coach Plus is a new generation performance development tool - a powerful video coaching app enabling swim coaches to provide beginner to elite swimmers and triathletes with immediate visual feedback during training sessions and competition.  

Record - Coaches, assistants, teachers or parents can record video and then provide swimmers with technique analysis by replaying their stroke, starts, turns and drills in real time, slow motion and frame by frame.

Compare - Performance improves when we are able to observe and compare. Swimmers observe the finer points of their technique then compare with the technique demonstrated in other video clips using the side by side and overlay video display features. 

Improve - Being able to observe a technical issue which becomes clear once a swimmer's own clip is played alongside a reference clip or being able to observe the 'before and after' clips for a swimmer who is applying a change their coach has recommended provides the evidence and motivation needed for sustainable change and improvement.

Two video clip tutorials explain all the apps' recording and video display options.  The apps' integrated file sharing capability means that large numbers of video clips can be managed by shifting them to and from a computer and the recording device.


•  10 swimming reference video clips for comparison 
•  2 product tutorial videos 
•  records user clips
•  renames, trims, emails and deletes user clips 
•  enables replay, coloured annotation and analysis of all clips 
•  displays two clips side by side or overlaid for comparison (unsynchronized and synchronized)    
•  enables product setting adjustments 
•  provides comprehensive user and product information
•  incorporates iTunes file sharing capabilities

Swim Coach Plus is designed to assist the coach, teacher, parent and swimmer with technique and performance development. Using Swim Coach Plus, even self and remote coaching have become a reality for both swimmers and triathletes. It requires the video record feature of 3GS/4 iPhones and iOS 4.0 or higher.


•  the iPad's large screen display is perfect for immediate feedback on the pool deck
•  the iPad connects instantly to large monitors to view clips and comparisons away from the pool (using Apple's VGA or HDMI connector) 
•  provides unparalleled HD video recording of user clips
•  all reference video clips provided in HD format
•  user clip record and replay supported in both portrait and landscape modes
•  single and dual screen video replay modes retain correct aspect ratio when used with HD format clips or other clips loaded from a computer, the web or an external camera (using Apple's camera connection kit)

Whats New In Version 2 (iPad and iPhone versions available)

• High quality screen recording of synchronised dual video replays, including annotations, for sharing with your friends 
• HD recording for landscape and landscape dual comparisons for side-on action analysis 
• Simple 3 touch angle drawing annotation 
• Fast multiple clip capture option 
• Video split feature 
• Selectable record video quality 
• Selectable timing bar position on screen 
• Full support in all screens for landscape and portrait mode 
• Bug fixes for iOS5 




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