Zoom Lens

500.00 Grams
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iPhone 4 and iPhone 3 Zoom Lens Kits now available for immediate shipment with free iPhone Anti-Glare Screen Protection Kit.

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In the nets or at a center wicket training session, the iPhone zoom lens is perfect for use with Cricket Coach Plus and fantastic value at only $29.95. The 8X zoom lens attaches to your iPhone via a case which snaps securely onto your iPhone. The zoom lens allows you to record the batting, bowling and fielding clips from the other end of the wicket, 20 meters away, thereby maintaining a safe distance from the players while recording. It is great for centre wicket practise with junior players as you can record a player in action from a distance then review the video with the player immediately in the field so that they see, via the visual feedback, the issue you are attempting to explain.

The zoom lens comes with a case which snaps onto the iphone. The 8X zoom lens screws into this case to locate and hold the lens in the correct position. A mini tripod, tripod clip and pouch are also included. The tripod clip is a standard attachment that can be used in conjunction with a full sized tripod.

The zoom lens is also great for photographs using your iPhone. Check out the iphone photo of the Sydney Opera House (Click on image top left of screen for photo roll)


  • Magnification: 8X Zoom
  • Field of View: 246 m
  • Min. Focus Distance: 3 m
  • Mount: Case Screw On
  • Dimensions: 30 mm x 70 mm (length)
  • Also included: Mini Tripod, Tripod Clip (also fits standard tripod), Cleaning Cloth, Pouch
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cricket-book-106_thumb.jpg cricket-book-106_thumb.jpg